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Wed. 26th 8:30pm ETYsterra: The Far HorizonMiko
Fri. 28th 8:30pm ETNeon Punk - A Thirsty Sword Lesbians One ShotJaqulin



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Find all our past AP's right here, on our YouTube channel. Includes all of Bleakseason's past APs.


Bleakseason is a Professor of English Literature living in Montreal, Canada. He has 30+ years of TTRPG experience, most of these as a GM. He tends to prefer intense, darker-themed games, and prioritizes the safety and comfort of all who join his table. He runs games that focuses on the characters and their connections to the story. Find him at!


A father, creator, producer, engineer, and designer, Miko enjoys all things gaming. As an avid TTRPG player and Game Master for more than 30 years, he has experience with dozens of genres, systems, and styles of play. He is also the creator of his own world of Ysterra, where most of his high-fantasy games are set.


Our resident plant witch and generally organized person, Deb is an insatiable reader and a fan of tales of all kinds. She particularly enjoys being part of the TTRPG realm for the ways that storytelling games help us make sense of the world and explore what it means to be good humans together.


Beth's journey into the world of TTRPGs began just a few years ago, yet she has become completely captivated by this unique form of collaborative storytelling. She believes that the best stories are those crafted together with friends.

Folk & Myth was founded by Bleakseason and Miko as a way to create a space where people and stories can come together. The ‘Folk’ in the name refers to both folklore - enduring stories of old that tell us about people - and people themselves, the very source of any story. The ‘Myth’ is a nod to stories about gods, legends and monsters, especially those that still to this day influence and inspire us.Our goal, in short, is to bring together a community of like-minded folk who desire to participate in the creation of enduring stories that speak of us, the world around us, and our place in it.Our chosen medium for this is the relatively new art form of the TTRPG Actual Play. We find it gives us the best opportunity to create, individually and in groups, stories and myths. Crucially, it also allows us to complete the circle: a story is not really a story if it is not shared. As such, the watchers and listeners play an important and active role in the whole process!We aim to provide Actual Plays of the highest quality possible, and to create stories that resonate with us, our cast members, and our audiences. We plan to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of the medium, and will seek to find new and exciting ways to present this emerging art form in new and constantly evolving lights.Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we pledge to do this in an inclusive, friendly and safe manner, prioritising at all times the comfort and safety of our players and our GMs. This is not to say that we will not at times explore darker territory in terms of themes in our stories; in fact, participating in intense and challenging scenarios is a great way to explore difficult subjects in a safe manner, and in doing so achieve catharsis. Our more mature-oriented themes will always be properly labelled as such.We hope many of you will wish to embark on this journey with us, for without people, there are no stories, and without folk, there are no myths.See you at the table,Bleak & Miko

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